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June 09, 2008



Your photos enlarge differently now: they get super large. They no longer fit my screen and I cannot see the whole picture anymore.


Hmmm - Sorry about that, Kristen. I'll have to figure out what's happening with the pop-ups. Typepad changed their interface about a month ago, so maybe something is causing problems there. Or, worst case, I'll have to resize all my pictures before posting.


Exciting that Lunds might have local garlic. I'm still using what I bought last fall at Garlic Fest out in Howard Lake. It's a great time, I recommend it.


I love your site. I hope to someday have a nice garden in the back yard, so I'll be excited to keep reading and see what you're doing.

Peter Hoh

I remember the first time I experienced hard neck garlic. Wow!

Didn't know it was available at a grocery store. I usually pick some up at the Farmers' Market, though I haven't seen it yet this year.

FYI, your photo enlarged just fine on my screen. I'm on a Mac, using Safari.


Luck you! I wish Whole Foods would get some of these. I only see these at the Farmers Market - or in my garden.

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