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April 01, 2008



Ha! You call THAT snow??? Check out MY post. J/K. Seriously ANY snow in April is too much in my book! Well, at least the Twins won. Go Twinkies! I'm a recent MN transplant to WI, but I refuse to cheer for any different teams.


we got snow this morning too - I am not a happy camper!


It was beautiful this morning - and nice melting with all the sun today - but enough already!!! I've found a few little sprouts poking up in my gardens, but still way too wet out there to even think of raking etc. Soon, I hope!


I love love love the snow... especially since most of the winter wonderland has meltd into my garden beds already!


PS: I gotta ask you a question offline... Can you send me your email address?


Spring does seem to be very slow coming this year, doesn't it?

Wasn't the weather nice today though? It's going to be in the 60's tomorrow - maybe we will forget all about this late snow soon.

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