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March 30, 2008



I know how you're feeling - it's the same way up where we are - I still have a foot of snow in my yard in places - and the piles where we shovelled it are even higher...and people are trying to plan softball practices and such in 3 weeks from now... i think winter lasted extra long everywhere this year...


Ugh! Hope the weather service is WRONG WRONG WRONG!

We still have lots of snow, but yesterday was gorgeous and we had a lot of melting. I got a sunburn pruning berries and shrubs. Spring is here, winter is just one of those guests who doesn't get that whole coffee thing. GO AWAY!



March definitely is going out like a lion! We didn't get as much snow as you guys....our ground is white, but there's only about an inch or so. Hopefully it will be all melted by the weekend!


Spring snow is kinda crazy, but we gotta remind ourselves - it happens more often than not. MN gets me every time though. Just when I say, "well, that's it, no more snow this year" Bam! Another 7 inches.

Nobody should ever EVER say those words! ; )

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