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January 06, 2008



Well fed indeed. I don't imagine your coyote could take down a buck though. More than likely the buck was injured (car most likely, old age?) and the coyote is just cleaning things up. Which is it's job anyway with the wolves gone.


Tracy, you should just send Jim out to track the coyote and shoot some video while you relax with a cocktail!

I am amazed you've been able to see the coyote so close, but I guess I shouldn't be, considering how accustomed to people the deer are. I envy you the opportunity to watch a natural predator like a coyote so closely! We sometimes hear coyotes while outside, but as of yet have never seen one.

I hope for your sake when the buck is consumed, he eats lots of field mice and rabbits!

The Forge Village Farmer

We see coyotes fairly often on our commute to work. The run right along the highway, looking for roadkill.

When I lived on a sheepfarm in college, we had dozens of them... you'd here them at night, yipping. That many was kind of intimidating.


Interesting video Tracy, and amazing that the coyote will come that close to your yard. I guess hunger wins out over fear in the wintertime. It's nice that nothing ever goes to waste in nature.


I saw a coyote again this morning in the scrubby woods behind my townhouse in Woodbury. It was about 8 a.m. My dog Buddha (adopted from Underdog Rescue, btw) just froze when he saw the coyote.


I live in richfield close to a nature center seen the coyote walking down a sidewalk early morning hours my family thought i was nuts, not so much now after your amazing photos thanks

Don,  Iowa City

That's pretty amazing that your doe would live that long; you'd think something somewhere along the line would get them... she must look both ways before crossing the road.


Our neighbor claims they will eat kittens, as in feral, raised-in-someone's barn kittens. Also, I have read that coyotes that have lost their fear of humans are more dangerous to humans and their pet dogs. This article is from a responsible source and makes similar statements to what I've read elsewhere:
Do keep in mind coyotes are wild predators. They are co-habitants of our planet, but they are not our buddies.


Steven: I don't think a coyote could take down a buck that size either, so I have a feeling the buck died of something else and the coyote found it.

Ali: The deer are certainly used to people, but the coyote isn't. As we've watched him eat the deer, he will run away - across the pond - if he hears a car or people walking on the road. he seems quite skittish, and we hope to keep him that way.

VF Farmer: We have yet to hear a yip or howl, and have only seen one. I can just imagine how eerie it would be to hear at night!

Ruthie: The more predators I see (coyote,fox, hawks, owls), the more grateful I am for them. It seems we have a pretty healthy little ecosystem here in our small, suburban, 21-house neighborhood refuge.

Katharine: Its pretty cool seeing them, isn't it? Brix now barks when he sees it, but at first he just watched.

Don: Every year I expect to not find this doe, but every year since we moved here in 1999, she's been around. I just watched her eat come branches from across the pond this morning.

Kathy: I know coyotes in some areas are very used to humans. My MIL lives in Phoenix on the edge of a mountain preserve, and she needs to keep a very close eye on her little Bichon dog. This coyote seems pretty skittish so far. However, we will all keep our distance. I've also been telling people in the neighborhood who have pets.

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