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January 30, 2008



It is tough thinking about gardening when the temperatures are so cold. That's why I am enjoying garden blogs - especially those with colourful pictures. Pretty soon, our weather will warm up. Before we know it, spring will be here (or, at least, that's what I tell myself these days).


Yuk! I feel for you... when I lived in far Northern Maine, those temps were the norm. I vividly remember one morning when it -25F, and the seat of my car felt like a plank of wood. Let's hope it warms up soon....

I'm working on my seed order, too, mulling over tomato varieties... so many seeds, so little time.


I can't wait to see some green grass. This winter has seemed hard. Part of it I think is that I got bronchitis in October and so started out the winter sick. It's also very hard to be a dog owner when the wind chill is -40F.


Hey Tracy, this is off topic, but when I was browsing your archives, reading up on your tomato varieties, I came across your post obout using weedkillers in your gravel path for creeping charlie.

I read recently the creeping charlie is really sensitive to boron, thus boron can be used for creeping charlie control (boron as in 20 mule team borax). If you google it I'm sure you'll find it. Anyway, it would be an organic treatment for creeping charlie, and would probably work great in your gravel paths.



I think those couple days in the 30's and 40's made getting back to "normal" that much harder to take, don't you? I keep telling myself, "only 2 more months till spring....." Hang in there, Tracy!


Great photo, especially when enlarged. It's fun to look at snowy photos--when I'm sitting here in Arizona in 67 degree temps!


Kate: I've been reading other people's blogs, too, just for the pictures of flowers. Spring is getting closer, though - I've started to hear the cardinals with their spring mating calls.

Ali: I agree - I'm glad I don't live in northern Minnesota. Although at a certain point, what is really the difference between -15 and -25? As for the boron and creeping charlie, we've tried it but haven't been successful. I think it works better for spot treatments, and we literally have a complete lawn of it. At our house, the creeping charlie is about 90% of some areas, with the other 10% made up of some grass, dandelions and plantain. Yes, it's not the ideal suburban lawn :), but thankfully we live in a really wooded, wild area where very few people have a "real" lawn.

Katharine: I know what you mean about walking the dog - it's been miserable some days. Somehow, though, we persevere and have walked at least 25 minutes per walk every day.

Ruth: Yep, I agree, but isn't it ironic to say that we get "spoiled" by temps above 25F? Only in Minnesota.

Aivana: Thanks for stopping by! My MIL lives in Arizona, and she also stops by the blog sometimes to get a blast of winter.

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