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December 02, 2007



Hi Tracy,
Our grocery stores here were the same way on Friday....my cashier commented that he hoped it did snow on Saturday, so the crowds would slow down a little.

Brix with a snowy nose....very cute!


My dogs love the snow. When it gets deep later in the Winter they bounce through it like rabbits. They won't come in until they're soaked or I force them.

Not much snow here yet, but everyone seems to have forgotten how to drive in it since the last flake fell in APRIL.


Ruthie: It was crazy, wasn't it. You would think it was going to be the blizzard of the century.

Steven: Brix isn't quite that enamored of the snow. At this point, his favorite part seems to be getting back in the house and lying over a hot air vent in the living room.

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