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December 08, 2007



Someday he'll thank you......
I wish I could get my dogs to wear booties.


Brrr! I'm not ready for that yet. We've got more snow, about 9" in our first storm, but it has been milder temp wise here. Thank Goodness! We got the last of our wood in yesterday, and our Christmas tree, and the Hendome is up so now we are ready for winter.



Oops! That should be Ali!


Heh... my brother and sister-in-law put boots on their golden retriever last year for the first time. Molly was so FUNNY that I thought I wouldn't be able to breathe, I was laughing so hard... she kept picking up one foot, and then the other--if she could have figured out how to float so she didn't have to have those things between her paws and the floor, she would have been happy! *grin*

Brix sure is getting big. How old is he now?


Ruthie: It's a fight to get them on Brix, but he appreciates them once he's outside.

Ali: I'm sure you have snow by now!

Kim: Brix does the same thing - looks like a little dance! But once he's outside, he forgets he has the boots on and he's back to normal. He's about 14 months old now - fully grown at about 55 pounds.

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