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November 25, 2007



Welcome back. Now's the season to sit around and look at seed catalogs anyway, so you are getting back just in time for that, and it sounds like something you can do.

Best wishes for a continued, speedy recovery!

(I subscribe to your feed, which is how I found you again!)

Carol, May Dreams Gardens


Ouch. I hope your recovery continues to go well. Welcome back!

Annie in Austin

Your body may be still recovering but your garden dreaming can carry you through January and February!

Welcome back, Tracy - I hope you get strong and flexible again, soon.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Welcome back, Tracy!

YEEEOOOUCH! I cringed through that whole description... but hope that you are able to rehab (and garden-dream) plenty over the winter, so you're ready to go again in the spring. :)


Hi Tracy,
I don't subscribe to your feed, and forgot to check your blog earlier this week.

Gosh, that surgery sounds so painful, but it sounds like you're doing everything you're supposed to and getting better now. I'm glad you're back to blogging again.

I finally finished cleaning out my little garden yesterday afternoon (before the snow) and I can't even use shoulder surgery as an excuse. I was thinking of you as I was throwing the frozen tomatoes in the wheelbarrow and dreaming of some beautiful heirloom tomatoes for next summer. A Minnesota snowstorm makes us appreciate summer that much more, doesn't it?

Take care and I hope your recovery continues on schedule.


Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate that you noticed I was back!

Yep, now is the time to dream about next year, so my recovery is not nearly so bad. I've already received three seed catalogs, so the planning is underway!


Ouch! I just checked back here and I am glad to see you back. At least you have an excuse for not tending to the fall garden chores...


Welcome back, sorry your gardening season was cut short!


Deb: In many ways it wasn't such a bad thing. :)

Steven: I was a bit bummed out. Since my surgery was right about at our average last frost, I wasn't able to get in a lot of the tomatoes and peppers - lots of rotten fruit when I got back. Oh well, next year is a new year!


Hi Tracy,

So glad to see you are back in (limited) action, I'd missed you! Your injury sounds like one I want to avoid. Glad you are settled in for the winter and ready to read garden catalogs and enjoy the off season. Enjoy,



Hi, Tracy--
Don't slack off on your exercises! (Been there, done that) You want to be in prime condition for digging season next spring.

So sorry you had to go through such misery.


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