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September 04, 2007



I guess since it has been three weeks since you dislocated your shoulder, it is more appropriate to wish you a complete recovery, rather than a speedy one.

That's a beautiful setting by the pond; I'm looking forward to seeing it in other seasons, as you have time.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens


That's a lovely picture... thank you for leaving it, but we hope to see you back (and 100%) as soon as you are ready and able in all senses. :)


Hi Tracy,
Wow, your trees are really starting to change color....I suppose our drought conditions this summer has speeded this process up also?

Hey, thanks for answering my questions about tomatoes a couple posts back. I have only ever planted tomato plants of the common variety, but I'm a little disappointed with this year's crop. Based on your tips and information, I'm going to try starting some new varieties from seed next year. My garden soil needs some attention this fall (compost and sifting some more rocks out) and that may contribute to better success next summer also.


Nice blog,sorry about your shoulder:( it always drives me nuts when I can't go do the things that need to be done. I've been visiting your area while my husband is at the reserve, I came the weekend of the floods and last weekend when you got frost. Missed the drought though. Can't wait to see what happens next month;)


Hmmm, it's October 3 already... where's Tracy? We miss you!

Hope your shoulder had healed and your life has become less crazed.



Hi Tracy,
I keep checking for new posts, but you're not back yet. Hope all is going OK with your shoulder and you're enjoying our cooler weather.

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