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August 07, 2007



I'm waiting for enough Principe Borgheses to make one single serving of fresh tomato-basil sauce with spaghettini. The idea of waiting for enough to dry would drive me nuts.


Wow, what a gorgeous harvest. All looks sooo delicious.


Steven: I know you've had a difficult summer for tomatoes, and I feel for you.

Nicole: Thanks - and it was delicious!


Hi - stopping by from Garden Voices. Nice looking tomato harvest!


Hurray! They look gorgeous!

I've got a few myself, but they're not coming as fast as I thought this year. I wonder if the dry heat is somehow slowing them down? Seems strange, but I just don't know.


What a fabulous tomato harvest! How did it work out when you dried tomatoes in the oven last year? How do you store them once they're dried?


Connie: Welcome!

Lorika: I agree. Given the hot weather, I thought I'd have tomatoes before August, but my first tomato was actually about 2 weeks later than last year.

Christa: Thanks! Drying the tomatoes worked wonderfully. I used a 200 degree oven and left them in (with the door propped open with a wooden spoon) for a few hours until they were chewy. Since they weren't completely dry, I froze them. When it was time to use them, I just took what I needed and either chopped them while still partially frozen, or poured a little olive oil over them until they weren't frozen anymore.


So many tomato varieties, not enough space to grow them all! What a lovely selection.


The dried tomatoes sounds great. I think I will try doing that sometime. Thanks for the tips!


Matron: I agree - every year I have all new varieties.

Christa: If you come back - one thing to do while drying them is to put them on a rack if you can. I use a jelly roll sheet, and I have a drying rack that just fits inside. I line the bottom of the jelly roll sheet to catch drips, then put the rack on top, then the tomatoes on the rack. It increases the airflow and helps them dry more quickly.

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