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August 14, 2007



Tracy - I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder - major bummer! When it rains, it pours... I hope you're feeling better soon.


Too bad about your shoulder, but happy nothing is broken- that's what I thought you were leading up to!

Atleast you got some rain- we are still drying up here in the southwestern part of the state.

Get well soon:)


Ouch! Take care of yourself and it's a good thing Brix was there to administer First Aid.


Oh Tracy, I'm so sorry. What a painful inconvenience, but at least you didn't break anything. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy taking it a little easy for a while.


Oh no! I am so sorry! Last year, I tore my hamstring and was hamstrung to the house. It was so frustrating! If you'd like some help weeding, send me an email. I'll even make you a mojito. Get well quickly!


Sorry to hear about your shoulder-hope the pain goes away quickly! And I forgot to check in here over the weekend; you got hit hard by that storm! We barely got a sprinkling of rain here.


Oh man... that sucks about your shoulder. I hope that the "something amazing" that might happen this week is a full and record recovery.

(By the way, I hope that you gave that sweetheart Brix a few extra scratches behind the ears with your good arm. What a good dog!)


Thanks, everyone! I'm getting better, but certainly not as quickly as I'd like. I don't need the sling all the time, but I still really can't use my left arm for much. I'm a bit worried about my fall planting plans - I think they may not happen after all.

Basically, with a dislocation, for at least two weeks after the initial injury, you can very easily dislocate it again. The ligaments and such have been stretched, and it takes awhile for them to tighten back up. Plus, I would assume over-40 ligaments take longer to heal than younger ones!

It's frustrating, because there are things I'd like to do in the garden. Jaime - I may end up taking you up on your offer of weeding and mojitos after all!


Whee hee! I love weeding... It distracts me from more important tasks like dishes, scooping cat boxes and getting together a plan for our front yard.


Well, Jaime, if you really want to weed . . . . Actually, my shoulder is starting to feel a lot better. The physical therapist might not approve, but this weekend I'm going to give some gardening chores a try.

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