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August 22, 2007



What will you do with all that garlic??!! It looks awesome!


Probably the reason for disappointing size is the garlic isn't acclimated to your garden yet. If you save the largest bulbs and cloves for replanting, within a few years you should be getting bulbs and cloves as big as you find anywhere else.

Your garlic looks great!


Sissy: I'm not sure what I'll do with it all, yet. I'll need to save at least 12 cloves for planting in the fall, then the rest will probably go into tomato sauce, or get roasted and spread on homemade bread, or made into garlic soup . . . . Lot's of choices!

Patrick: Yes, that was what I was thinking, too. I'm looking forward to planting more this fall and eventually having "my own" garlic. Such a cool thing!


They are beautiful! I can't believe I haven't planted garlic yet. It just seems like the fall slips by and before I know it, it is too late.

Thanks for the report, I'll be thinking harder about planting it this fall. Tracy, we need a report on how each variety tastes. Surely a great project for an injured woman?


Ali: Nothing could be easier than garlic. If you plant tulips, put in some garlic, too. Next spring after you take off the mulch, you just spread an inch or two of compost over it, keep it weeded, and voila, garlic!

I will definitely do some tasting soon, although I must admit I'm worried that once I dig into the bags, I won't be able to stop! I need to keep some for planting this fall if I'm going to develop garden-specific garlic.


I planted Music and German Extra Hardy last year, and was very pleased with the yield of both. I think Music may have done a little better. It's amazing how much juicier and tastier fresh garlic cloves are, but I'm restraining myself and trying to save the biggest heads for planting in October.


Deb: Yep, I'm trying my best to keep my hands off the garlic until I've planted next year's crop. I put it in paper bags, then down in the pantry in the basement - anywhere I can't see it!

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