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August 02, 2007



Thanks for leaving a note on my blog. I'm so glad you are all safe. It really hits home that disasters can strike anywhere, doesn't it?


I appreciate the post to know you all are safe. Such a tragedy. When I watched last night, I was trying to think if I knew anyone in Minneapolis, and could only come up with the blogs of good gardeners like you who live there.

And it is true, good blood donations are always needed, everywhere!

Gentle Palm's gardener, Portia

I've been enjoying your blog. Glad to hear that you and yours are ok. What a horrible tragedy. Makes me want to hug everyone I know.


I am glad to hear you and everyone you know are all right. Did you get my email on another matter?


My thoughts are with your city today. I live in London and can appreciate the worry.


Thanks, everyone. It's been a weird few days. My thoughts haven't been on the garden - somehow it seems almost frivolous when something like this happens.


I got so frustrated when I saw some politician on CNN say that U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison should not have earmarked funds for light-rail. (The collapsed bridge is in his district, by the way.) She suggested that he went for light-rail because it's "sexy" and bridge repairs are not. I think that she missed the part of the point: get people off their addictions to cars and start the transition to alternative modes of transit...thereby alleviating wear and tear on bridges that are being used well beyond their original design scope. She also criticized U.S. Rep. Oberstar for earmarking a measly $250,000 for bike trails in Minneapolis. Again, she missed the same point as well. As a former Minneapolis bike commuter (who routinely used the 3rd Avenue bridge just upstream from the one that collapsed), I know that I was one less car creating a need for more bridges or overburdening the existing bridge system. I am proud of Minnesotans who are quietly doing what's right: planting native plants, eating locally and seasonally, bike-commuting, taking public transit, etc. You'll all get through this, because you are already on the "right road". - Love from California



I am so glad to know you and yours are safe. Keep on gardening -- honor all who died by living your life well. Take good care,


Kristen: Yes, I agree, the politics have been fierce and have mostly missed the point. Somehow, people see it all as either/or - we either fund mass transit or we fund highway and bridge repair. It now looks like the Governor is going to call a special session and try to pass a gas tax for transportation that I believe he's veto'ed twice before. I wish it didn't take a tragedy to do it, but at least now something might be done.

Ali: Thanks for the well-wishes. It's a weird time here in Minnesota.


Tracy, I thought of you when I heard about the tragedy and am glad to hear that you and your family are all safe.


Kenny: Thanks so much for thinking of us here. As a community we're still dealing with the shock, I think.

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