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July 19, 2007



Bummer! All of my tomatoes are still green too, although one is turning kind of orange. I have lots of zukes, though. Last year, I didn't get a single squash off of my zucchini plants. It's always something, isn't it? At least gardening is never boring :-)


Colleen: At least I know I'm not alone with the green tomatoes! It's true, though, there is definitely nothing boring about gardening. Sometimes I wish it were just a bit less boring, though . . . . :)


What is it with the Diva cucumbers? Anemic is too kind, and the striped cucumber beetles, the vine is a beetle magnet! I have some flowers and tiny little cukes, but I don't know if they will make it to maturity.

Sorry to hear about the pesky rabbits. Here at Henbogle, the groundhog made it into the veg garden, through the chicken yard --2fences! Arghh. I think he totally killed on of the pole beans, but other than that he just grazed a little parsley, some broccoli, bush beans, chard.... Dan wants to get an air gun, sigh.... Good luck with the fencing!!


Ali: I know what you mean. We don't have cucumber beetles (knock on wood), but the Diva cukes are looking pretty anemic in my garden, too. Spindly with some brown spots.

I feel for you with the groundhog - my rabbits have been just as destructive. Like Dan, my hubby (Bill) wants to get a pellet gun now (convinced it would be legal where "firearms" are not), although he said he'd only kill the rabbits if we ate them. I'm not so sure about that, but I'm almost to the point of considering lethal options. Not quite there, yet, but those rabbits are really starting to pis% me off.


Well, I couldn't even get any Diva cukes to sprout at all. Must be a difficult variety.

It sounds tough to compete with the rabbits. I have no rabbits, but if the squirrels like any of my veggies, I just give up right away.

Good luck with the tomatoes and zuke's. I'm awaiting mine too. I bet we'll be swamped with them soon!


Sorry to read that you lost your veggies to rabbits. I gave up on green beans because of woodchucks, and the deer around here love that special lettuce mix that Pine Tree Garden Seeds sells!

I have looking at your blog, and love your raised beds. Hope to do that someday.


Don't give up. I had problems with rabbits eating my beans, but not this year. I beat the rabbits and have picked a lot of beans. You can do it too.

You've got a good plan... get out there and sow the fall crops and dream about next year!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Annie in Austin

Too bad Tracy - at least with rabbits there's a chance you'll come up with a way to keep them out, but protecting a garden from squirrels takes a tall roofed structure made of metal since they chew right through wood.

I hope your green tomatoes start blushing soon.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Those durn rabbits! They have a summer home under our porch this year - so I have rabbits eating plants and dogs going crazy in the gardens by the porch trying to get at the rabbits. Not fun. I have one tomato turning red - but the rest are a ways off yet. Hang in there!


Kathy - Between you, Ali and Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening (whose comment I accidentally deleted - I'm sorry, Kathy!), it looks like we have some real-world proof that Diva might not be the best variety for home gardeners. It's too bad, because I read some good things about it before getting the seed this spring.

Carol: I've been reading about your success over the rabbits with a combination of glee and despair. Glee for you - and for the possibility that beans are really possible. Despair because I'm not going to have many beans at all this year! Oh well, at least there's the farmer's market.

Everyone: Thanks for commiserating with me on the 4-legged pests! I'll tell you, if it's not one thing it's another. When I lived in "the city" (as opposed to "the suburb"), I had terrible problems with squirrels and tomatoes. This year we managed to fix the deer fence so they're staying out (last year I had deer but no rabbits). This year it's the rabbits. I know, this is what makes gardening challenging, but sometimes I could do with a little less of a "challenge!"

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