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July 10, 2007



Wow, those babies are pretty small yet....must have been a late hatch. Have you seen this hen hanging around before?


turklets are too cute!


Ruthie: We see the occasional hen around, but they seem to have a pretty wide range. I think they travel around the entire neighborhood, so they only end up in our yard about once ever two weeks. Last year the local hen had about 12 babies, but it's hard to know if this is the same hen or a new one.

Kris: They're cute now, but in about 2 weeks they'll look like very gangly teenagers.


Wow, when I was growing up, turkeys were a rare thing except for the southeastern part of the state. Now we have them in my neck of the woods!


Deb: I know, it's crazy. I think we saw our first turkey 5 years ago. We only saw it once, then didn't see another until 3 years ago. Now we've had a mother hen with turklets two years in a row. I still get excited each time I see them!

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