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July 29, 2007



Wow, that would be a treat! I have owl envy!


Marie (fna Piana Nanna)

THe only owl I have ever since in the wild close up is a screech owl. What a treat for you to have them nearby. I love to hear their calls. Perfect song for a moonlight swing on the porch.


Ali & Marie: Yes, it's a treat to have them here. We love listening to them, but they certainly drive the dog crazy! One night one landed on a window sill right at dog level, and I thought for sure that Brix was going to go right through the window!


How cool is that? I could use a couple of owls as long as they don't try to snatch up the dog (she's only 13 pounds).


Steven: At least our dog is 55 pounds - I don't think the owls could take him (although he'd love to try to take on an owl!)


That's pretty cool to have owls around. They're so mysterious and like a real life fantasy creature. Once on a trek thru a swamp in NJ a pair of tiny owls came almost within arms reach of where I was sitting. Their flight was absolutely silent and they flew around, sat on a nearby branch, and entertained me for about five minutes.


Kenny: That would be fabulous, to sit and have the owls right there. We're able to watch ours through the window, but once we go outside, they're gone.

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