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June 16, 2007



Brix looks pretty "at home" already... but you're probably smart to keep him leashed in the garden!

The garden looks great, by the way. Hope you have a wonderful time at your 20 year reunion. :)


You're garden looks fantastic! Does someone water your garden when you go away or do you do what I do and hope for rain? :)


Your gardens look great!


The garden's looking awesome :-) Have fun at your reunion.

And, TAG....I've tagged you for a meme when you get a chance. Take a look at my blog for the rules.


Thanks, everyone. I purposely posted mostly "long" shots, as the weeds are really inexcusable.

Kim - I had a great time at my reunion - I'm still catching up on sleep!

Colleen: I got your tag, and I'm working on my post - it's harder than I thought!

Wicked Gardener

I've stayed away from veggie gardens because I never can make them pretty, but your borders and cages are beautiful and an inspiration. Thanks!


Wicked: Thanks very much, and thanks for visiting! I love my garden, but I think every vegetable garden is beautiful.

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