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June 01, 2007



Your garden spaces look very cool - I like the design. Sounds to me like you've been very busy. I only plant tomatoes and herbs and rhubarb. I'm thinking your summer and winter eats are going to way better!!


I did the same thing with one of my tomato plants! Only I did it well after I planted them, so I couldn't honestly wish that I hadn't passed along my extras. (Though I've been asked to help plant those extras this weekend, so I guess I could have kept them...) I hope it recovers.


Kris: Thanks so much. We put in the garden three autumns ago, so this is my third year planting in it. I really enjoy it, and since our screened porch overlooks the garden, I like that it looks nice.

Jenny: Isn't it a bummer when you ruin your own plants? I'm going to wait and see, though - two years ago I had rabbits eat some of my tomatoes down to just stubs, and about half came back. We'll see in another week or two if it will work.


I have extra Sungolds, think I could mail one or two to Minnesota?

Good job on getting the garden in! I just finished seed planting in mine today...



Those beds are beautiful! I will be back, to see how things are growing.


Ali: I didn't see your comment until now - thanks so much for the offer, but you don't need to do that. That's the beauty of gardening - there's always next year.

Sandy: Thanks for stopping by - I hope to see you back this summer!

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