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June 21, 2007



I like it! It's a very fresh, clean look. And...never blame aging eyesight---it's the MONITOR, not your eyes ;-)


I like the color combination. I didn't find it hard to read at all. I'm young at heart. Does that count?


Very summery Tracy. I didn't find it hard to read but that could be 'coz I'm so young still...lol.


I also like it. Green is my favorite color


I like your new design - very summery. I don't think it's hard to read - but quite honestly, I'd have to be crazy to admit I'm OLD now, wouldn't I?!!

Ellis Hollow

When I give communication workshops, I have a slide that makes the point: There's a reason paper is white and ink is usually black or dark blue: Maximum contrast between characters and background make reading easier.

You may not notice it much with short chunks of text. But eyes will tire quickly reading long posts with the minimal contrast you have with this design. Fewer people will read to the end.

So you've got a choice to make. Do you want to use your text and background to make your site look summery or do you want people to read what you write?


Thanks to all for your supportive posts. In the end, I went with Craig's minority opinion and changed the design again. My gut was telling me that it wasn't the best color combination, and Craig confirmed it. So, rather than pleasing my readers, I've decided to please myself - I just hope I don't lose any readers over it!

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