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June 27, 2007



Hi Tracy,
I have to say I agree with you hundred percent, there's nothing like the smell and taste of your own homegrown food. By the way, your garden looks great.
Keep growing!


Tracy, what are you using for tomato stakes this year? It looks like spiral stakes in the photo. I've yet to stake ours, but we'll be using the spiral stakes again this year.



Nice to see those blossoms! Tomatoes fresh from your own garden: priceless!


Italman: Thanks for visiting! It's impossible for me to imagine *not* having homegrown tomatoes.

Ali: I'm using a combination of spiral stakes and bamboo poles. I think I have 11 plants on spirals and 6 on bamboo. I was going to try a different support method this year, but my crop rotation schedule had the tomatoes in two triangular beds, which don't lend themselves to the methods I was thinking about. I'm not a big fan of the spirals because they're too short, but they're what I had in the garage this spring. Bamboo is a bit better because they're taller.

Kris: You're right, homegrown tomatoes are priceless.

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