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June 26, 2007



Your gardens look so nice - I really like the design.
I've weeded everything 3 or 4 times this year and still have weeds, grass, and trees growing in the gardens - unreal! However, being outside weeding beats cleaning house or other mundane tasks anytime!


I'm jealous. I need to do a lot of serious weeding. My curse is purslane! Your garden looks great!


Your garden looks great! I love gardens with a pattern to them. Keep your fingers crossed that the courgette doesn't go too crazy - otherwise you'll be giving them away to the neighbours because you'll be sick of the sight of them!


Kris: I don't know about your TC neighborhood, but we've had just the right amount of sun and rain to really make the plants - and weeds - very happy. And I agree, I'd rather be outside weeding than cleaning a bathroom anytime!

Carol: I've had lots of purslane this year, which is unusual at my house. As I was weeding (it's quite a meditative time), I was thinking that it might have come from the compost I bought this spring.

MTP: Thanks for visiting! I've been reading your blog for awhile, but haven't commented yet - I'm a bit intimidated by English vegetable bloggers. I figure you all must have been born growing veg. Anyway, for me zucchini have been feast or famine. Last year I had exactly one, but the year before I was throwing extras in the compost pile by the beginning of August. I have a feeling this will be another feast year.

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