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June 25, 2007



I loved reading your 7 things! You know, now that you mention it, sage isn't exactly my favorite herb either, but I always grow it. It's just a pretty plant, and we can appreciate it as such :-)

I haven't read Noah's Garden, but it is on the (rather long...) Books I Want to Read list. And, yes, you MUST get a lilac! Don't even get me started...

Great list!


Colleen's 7 random things all seemed to revolve around gardening, but I take it it doesn't have to be that way?

I duly acknowledge the tag, but it may be a while before I post on it. Just so you don't think I'm ignoring you.


Lovely list! I don't know if I have 7 more things to share, but I could copy your entire #1 answer and just change the state names. :)


Hi Tracy

I got this tag a while back and the 7 Things were all kind of oddball things about yourself. I like the way you've answered your 7 things: random, yet revealing! And gardening as a theme; there's a load more than 7 things I could share. So I will try to do it today...thanks for thinking of me!


Hi Tracy - thanks for tagging me - I love your 7 things!! My parents are visiting, so may be a little while before I post a list (seems to be a common theme!). Pretty sure mine won't be as eloquently put as yours - very nice!


Colleen: I'm not quite sure why I don't have a lilac yet. Actually, I am - I've been so uptight about getting the design for the area in which it will go "just right" that I haven't finished the design. However, I think I've got the basic idea and will be ready to start planting it this September. I just can't believe I've lived in this house almost 8 years without lilacs!

Kathy: You can make your 7 things whatever you like, and you can do it or not - it's up to you. So no, I don't think you're ignoring me - and if you did, that would be okay, too. :)

Kim: It's sort of cool to feel so "patriotic" about the community you're from, isn't it? I love having a deeply rooted sense of place.

El: I loved your list.

Kris: Whenever you have time, or if not, okay. Saw the pictures of your parents on your dock - looks like good time and margaritas were had by all!

Marc @ GardenDesk

Thank You Tracy for picking me! I finally got my 7 things posted!

BTW, you have inspired me to get a copy of Noah's Garden to read.

Thanks again!


Thanks, Marc. I read your post - great! I'm also glad I could inspire you to read Noah's Garden. I hope you find it as cool as I did.

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