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May 21, 2007



Oh, Brix likes the pea shoots! Fishy does, too, and the tomatoes, kale, spinach, etc. Between Fishy and the groundhog, we finally gave up and fenced things in. Your veggies look great!! We have salad greens sprouting at last, but no other veggies planted yet. With luck, this weekend we'll be able to get in the vegetable garden.


You've got to love all the "first" stuff of the season. I just picked my first brocolli rabe last night. Your garden is so neat!


Ali: Our old dog, Dexter, didn't like vegetables at all, so I never had to watch him closely in the garden. This dog, though, tries to eat everything! I guess some dogs, like Brix and your Fishy, are just gourmets at heart.

Anthony: I know - I love that first harvest. As for the garden being "neat," just don't enlarge the pictures - you'll see all my weeds in their glory!

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