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May 31, 2007



Thanks for participating in the Garden Bloggers' Book Club and for the kind words. Those irises are pretty and I bet they smell wonderful, too. How lucky you were to get them, and how wonderful the previous owner was to let people to take them rather than just plow them under. And once your Mom gives you some passalongs, I'm sure those flowers will always have a special place in your garden.


Enjoyed your post! Your fuchsia colored flower looks like Stokesia, also called Stoke's Aster.

Annie in Austin

The iris look great, Tracy - I also hope your mom divides and shares some plants. I've been on both sides of the passalong experience, and love getting plants, but it's also quite a thrill to see the given-away plants a few years later, growing and blooming in the garden of a friend.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Carol: Unfortunately, these irises didn't have a lot of fragrance. But I really love the colors - perfect for my garden.

Connie: I agree, the flowers looks like Stokes Aster, but it's not an annual, and the leaves are completely different. The leaves are just like the thistle weed, but without any prickles. One day I'll do more research on it.

Annie: Yes, I'm looking forward to the day when I can pass on the bounty. The only time I've been able to do it was when we moved from our old house - I gave my mom a bunch of hostas. In my "new" garden, the oldest perennials are 3 years old, so in a few years I'll be ready to start dividing and giving away.

Bertha Wilson

These flowers are really pretty. When its rainy and cloudy outdoors I love to come in and get on my computer the go to this wonderful website and just sit and ponder with these wonderful and amazings photos. So thanks to all the people who help make the sun come out on my rainy and cloudy days.

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