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April 12, 2007



Very pretty photos, Tracy. I hope you're right about it being the last snowfall - we are ready for a little spring!!!


It is pretty though, but even prettier when you know it'll be gone in a little while. Maybe even tonight!


I hope you're right that it's the last gasp. :)


Not you, too! Aughhh! And I WAS considering coming out to visit warmer, less snowier climes! ;-)

Thanks for the report on the gravel, I like the idea of snow disappearing more quickly.



Pretty? Well . . . I guess so. Snow like that is much prettier in December than April! But it's gone now - one day of sun did the trick. Like all of you, I'm really ready for spring.

Ali: Anytime you want to visit "warmer" climes, you're welcome to come to Minnesota, but I would choose July or August if you really want heat (and humidity)!

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