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April 19, 2007



That is too funny - in a very sad sort of way! The rabbits here are terrible this year - but only eating my tulips so far. I talked to a friend last night who said she was putting out feed for the deer so they'll hopefully leave her garden plants alone. Not sure how that one is going to turn out.


Sorry about your plants getting eaten. Maybe you should try planting some mint so that the rabbit's breath is minty fresh.


Kris: I've heard of feeding the deer to keep them away from the garden, but I'm pretty skeptical. Our little neighborhood deer herd is 6 and counting, and I don't think I could put out enough feed to keep them distracted. I would love to hear how it turns out.

Anthony: Hey, there you go, great idea. I'd probably be the only person in the gardening world able to keep mint in check because the rabbits eat it all!


Yuck, yuck and yuck... although I suppose the bee balm wouldn't be too bad, as they use some of that to make Earl Grey tea, right? I just can't imagine eating marigolds--that makes my mouth pucker! lol. Wacky wabbits...


Yep, you're right, after seeing this, your rabbits would most likely would eat my Caribbean Red Hot Peppers too.


Kim: I know - I really don't like marigolds, even the smell. Now that I know the rabbits eat them, I don't feel obligated to plant them in the veggie garden anymore.

Larry: At least my rabbits would probably think your peppers were a treat!

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