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April 21, 2007



Interesting post! I'll have to do a similar post. I've heard that some satellite images are so clear you can read the car license plates. It's making me think twice about that outdoor shower and hot tub!



Tracy - this was fascinating - thanks for the link. The photos are pretty revealing, aren't they?

Susan Harris

Hi. Love your blog - great design, especially.
Now when I click maps.live.com, your link above, I don't know what to put in the search blank. More guidance, please?


Ali: I know the government has the super satellites, so unless you're careful, you might have some unwanted visitors at your next hot tub party!

Kris: I was amazed at just how revealing the pictures were.

Susan: Thanks so much! To answer your question: When you go to maps.live.com, at the top there are three buttons: Businesses, People, Maps. Click on Maps. Once there, fill in your address in the space right above the Map icon and hit Enter. That should give you a regular map of the address. Floating on top of the map is a box that says 2D/3D on top. In the middle on the right are two icons. One looks like a graph, the other has some little buildings on it. Click on the little buildings for Bird's Eye View. I have noticed that this is not available for rural areas (like my MIL's lake cabin), but should be there for most metro areas and suburbs. Once you click on Bird's Eye View, you'll see the photo of the address you typed in. In the little floating box there's a zoom in/out feature - click on the + to zoom in. There you have it!

Sissy Ziech

Well, I looked, but my house isn't there!
Neither is my road or my subdivision!
Those pics must've been taken 3 years or more, ago!

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