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April 13, 2007



I'm so totally gettin' out there too! I'm gonna plant my three kinds o' peas and replant the spinach I tried to plant 2 weeks ago. Oops!

Also, perhaps some Rainbow Chard and radishes. I can't wait!


We're supposed to have a Nor'easter Sunday here in NJ. Guess I'll be shoveling snow while you're starting seeds and grilling.


I, on the other hand... am only turning green with envy. *sigh*


Lorika: You got more done than I did, but I hope to plant peas, lettuce and spinach one day after work this week.

Anthony & Kim: I feel your pain. Believe me, usually Minnesotans are among the last in the garden in the lower 48 states. This is not the usual course of things.

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