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April 10, 2007



But my tulips look great! Even after all the cold.

But you are right, it would have been better if we hadn't had soooo many warm days before the 'bottom dropped out'.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Sissy Ziech

hmmmm....any spring, today, Tracy??
Not here. Snow and ice today. UGH!!


I like your thinking on this though, it is good that our flowers didn't get dumped on - especially with today's SNOW!

I guess soon enough though, we'll all be praying for a rainy day so we can take a guilt free break from the garden! (That's what I like to tell myself this time of year any way.)


Carol: I read about your hardy tulips on your blog - that's great that they're still going strong.

Sissy: I think we're getting spring this weekend - at least I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Lorika: I know what you mean. By the end of May we'll all be looking for a day off.


I'm glad I'm not alone in my failure to have started any seeds.... And good point about our slower thaw preventing the death of blooms or buds.



Ali: You're definitely not alone. But mine will be started by Saturday if it kills me!

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