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March 24, 2007



What a lovely bunch of seeds! And I see you also ordered some from Pinetree. I love there seed packets.


Good selection of seeds ... I like your Maine garden hod. Cool!


I've never ordered from Tomato Bob's. I'll have to try them out. And, your Maine garden hod is beautiful. I'm so jealous!


Welcome home, Tracy! I love seeing all those Maine items, you are good for our economy here in Maine!

I managed to get my FEDCO seed order in last week, and stopped by Johnny's store to pick up seeds there. I'll bat clean-up with Pinetree Seeds. I'll also have to check out Tomato Bobs, that sounds interesting!

Here in Maine it is officially mud season -- yesterday I nealy lost my shoe from mud-suction. Spring is on the way....


Carol: Yes, I love Pinetree's seed packets, too. As someone who worked in the printing industry, I know that it wouldn't cost the other companies any more money to dress up their packets, too - we need to start a movement!

Kate: Thanks for stopping by! - I don't think you've been here before.

Colleen & Ali: I really like my new garden hod. You can't see it in the picture, but it has (heavy) plastic-covered wires as the basket so that you can hose off the veggies before brining them in the house. Both of you should look up Tomato Bob next year (www.tomatobob.com). We'll see how germination goes, but I really like their huge selection.

Ali: It's actually good to be back - I missed home this time (the visits were all to family, so it only seemed like a quasi-vacation).

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