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March 03, 2007


Sissy Ziech

We had a few run-ins with possum while living in Memphis. Be careful! They are mean when cornered.
Dexter has all his shots, I am sure...
What do you call a dead possum on the side of your road in the South?


Sissy: Thanks for the warning, especially about Dexter. With raccoons living right here, we keep a pretty good eye on him (those raccoons are pretty nasty, too).


They are good for gardeners because they eat all sorts of pests and overripe fruits. They are good for neighborhoods because they eat carrion. You may not see that guy again as they don't have territories. They are not pests. They've made it to Southern California too.


Cricket - As long as they stay out of the garden, I'm okay with sharing the yard with them.

We had one in our chicken barn. They can move fast. I did not think they could but they can.


Anon: I'm sure it wasn't too good for the chickens! I think I'll be leaving this one well enough alone, as long as s/he leaves my garden alone.

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