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March 04, 2007



I would imagine that 'Merlot' lettuce is called that more for the color than anything else... but it definitely sounds like you will be eating gourmet when you serve a Merlot salad. :)


I've received all the seeds I've ordered, but feel like I am behind in sowing them, though I know if I sow them in the next few weeks, they'll be fine.

Your garden sounds like it is going to be wonderful with all those vegetables!


Well, Tracy, you are ahead of me, I'm still deep into my painting project and haven't ordered my seeds yet! I do have one advantage, the Johnny's retail shop is just a minute's drive from the office, so I can stop in and pick up my Johnny's list.

Of course, after 6"of snow, then sleet, then freezing rain on Friday, Spring seems distant despite the over 40 temps on Sunday.

I'm pleased to see so many items from Johnny's, FEDCO, and Pine Tree, I hope the seeds are productive for you!

Gotta Garden

What a great list! Those tomatoes look like winners! Sungold is my very favorite cherry tomato (spoiled me!). Just got a Territorial catalog in the mail today. I'm going to have to pour over it and get some Mighty Myco!


An awesome list. I enjoyed reading it. Looks like you're going to have alot of little seedlings soon.


Kim: I grew Merlot lettuce last year, and it's really quite beautiful, especially when combined with the light green of Black Seeded Simpson. Plus, it was very slow to bolt, always a good thing.

Carol: Don't worry, you really aren't too far behind. That's the one downside of blogging, I think - feeling like you need to keep up with the Joneses.

Ali: How lucky to be that close to Johnny's! I'm also going to order rhubarb and asparagus from them later in March. And it's interesting to see how many seed companies there are in Maine - I wonder why?

Gotta Garden: Thanks for visiting! I'm really looking forward to the Sun Gold tomatoes - I've only heard great things about them.

Kathy: I hope to start planting by the last week in March. But first, I'm heading to the Southwest for a little sunshine and R&R!

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