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March 29, 2007



I must be hungry... when I first read "Good Lord, what humus" I thought it said "Good Lord, what hummus"! :)

I love the cover of that book.

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas)

You selected some of my favorite passages to highlight. It's so hard to choose a few choice nuggets to illustrate this book because they're all choice. Anyone who delights in the soil will find a kindred spirit in this book.


Rurality: That's pretty funny! :) I also like the cover of the book. If you look closely at the ferns, you can see the spores. Very cool.

M Sinclair Lewis: I had a very difficult time choosing what to write about. As I re-looked over the book to do my post, I found myself re-reading the entire book - really! It gets better with multiple reads, I think.

deborah ampe

hi tracy,
i have truely enjoyed reading your blog - it makes me hungry to get back to MN, but I still have 6 weeks before heading north.
I leave for central america fri. evening, and will be returning on april 24th.
love to you, bill, and dexter,


Hi Tracy - thanks for checking out my blog. I'll be checking on yours regularly - very nice. It's cool to have another Twin Cities gardener to read!


I enjoyed your book review! This was such a wonderful book - it truly was hard to decide on the best or even favourite part. I think the book will travel with me forever!

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