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February 12, 2007



I love your detailed vegetable reviews! Do you write it all down in a notebook during the season? How do you keep track of it all? You have inspired me to do a much better job of recording how well each of my vegetable varieties do this year! Thanks for the great blog!


Marc: Thanks so much for visiting! I've actually just confessed this to another blogger . . . I don't keep a journal, just this blog. That's actually why I started the blog in the first place - to make myself keep track of these things. All of my reviews are written based on memory and reading old blog entries. I also have a garden plan that I use every year so that I can track crop rotations through the beds. I started writing the reviews so that I could look back when ordering seeds and remember what actually happened last year. I've really enjoyed it, actually - a good way to spend some cold winter days.


Definitely go for the Diva! It's the best slicing cucumber I've ever grown.

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