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January 04, 2007



Great post. Now that you are sowing seeds inside, you are officially a gardening seed geek, like the rest of us! I'm working on my answers this evening, hopefully to post yet today.

kim (blackswamp_girl)

Good post... it's been interesting to see everyone's different answers to Carol's questions!


LOL your post was much more organized than mine was. I don't know how many of Carol's questions I actually answered. BTW--I like your unconventional light setup there. That's another way you can tell you're an official seed geek---you'll do whatever you can to make it work :-)


Another great post on seeds. It seems like Carol at May Dreams Gardens really inspired a lot of us. I like your light setup. I have one comment though. You may want those seedlings closer to the lights. Maybe prop them up with some of those dead computers. I keep my lights on chains attached to those wire rack shelves that you see at Home Depot, Target, etc. This way I can raise them up as the seedlings grow. Anyway, enjoyed the post, I'll stop by your blog more often.


Carol: Yes - you started a firestorm, so now you need to answer your own questions!

Kim: I've been having fun reading all the responses out there, too.

Colleen: Employees thought I was crazy, but they got into it, too. Lots of people had suggestions, a few helped out with watering, and anyone who wanted got some extra seedlings. I have a feeling this year's set up will be even wackier since I plan to start even more seeds.

Anthony: I know, I had a hard time getting the seedlings close enough. The lights were on chains, but since the shelves were 8 feet and the lights only 4 feet, the chains quickly got too taut to pull the lights any higher. Hence, the lights resting on the computers. Once the lights were in this precarious position I was worried about propping up the seed trays, too, as I could foresee a disastrous crash. Since I'm the one who pays workers comp if an employee gets hurt - even on my own crazy light set up - I didn't want to make it any more precarious than it already was. I have lots of ideas for this year, though . . . .


I'm so relieved to know I'm not the only crazy gardener out there who buys WAY to much seed, and then hangs on to the seeds and seed packets from years past. That's one of my gardening resolutions, though, to sort through and discard the old seeds and packets (after making any notes about whatever I can recall about the seeds!)

This looks like an interesting post, I'll have to check out May Dreams Garden.


Annie in Austin

Hello Tracy,

I came here from Carol's post and LOVE that you are growing plants from seed at work. Now not only can you monitor the set-up and enjoy watching the seedlings, but your coworkers can see the way you take delight in growing things, perhaps becoming inspired to go forth and plant something.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Ali: Sorting through my grocery bag of seeds is one thing I resolved to do in the first few weeks of January, but of course I've spent the last few days going through catalogs and starting my way-too-obsessive Excel spreadsheet. (However, the Excel spreadsheet is way easier to keep up than the spiral notebook.)

Annie: I was a little nervous bringing all my stuff to work the first time - I actually sneaked it in on a Saturday - but employees were pretty interested in what I was doing. Two of them took seedlings, and I might have more "takers" this year. They've already started asking when the lights will be set up again!

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