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January 01, 2007



These are good ones :-) I understand where you're coming from with #1--- I did the exact same thing, and that is one of my resolutions as well. I do okay with spring planting and summer harvesting...it's the prolonged sowing and harvesting that gets me :-)

kim (blackswamp_girl)

"Keep Experimenting"... I love that! Hope you have a Happy New Year!


Collen: Yes, I don't know what it is about doing the extra work when July rolls around. But I was so jealous when I started reading about other people's fall gardens that I knew I had to make a better effort this year. Good luck to you on that, too!

Kim: What's a garden without experimentation! Hope your New Year was great.


I agree about the hot July days being a deterrent to spending time in the veg garden. Mine is on a south facing slope in full blazing sun and I get very overheated. I had my husband build a small arbor with a bench in it that I have covered with hardy grape and arctic kiwi vines. By the time summer heat hits, they have leafed out and I can take the frequent breaks I need - or just sit and enjoy it. You may want to add a shaded place to your vegetable area too. I saw a picture of an arbor with tomatos on it on GardenWeb; so many possibilities!


Lisa: Thanks for your comment! One of my goals for this year is to continue planting out my vegetable garden, including adding some plants for shade. 2007 will be my third growing season in this new garden, and I've been spending most of my time planting the vegetables and putting in perennials in beds along the sides. This year I have all sorts of plans for climbing roses and clematis for shade!

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