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December 09, 2006



It was bought out by Wayside several years ago and I don't think Shepherd Ogden is even associated with it anymore. It's been a few years since I bought anything from them, but the last time I did, I didn't have any complaints. But then again, I was buying flower seeds. It is quite possible quality control has deteriorated. My favorite part was always the Mary Azarian prints. She has her own website. You can find it easily by Googling her name.


Kathy: I knew there was some backstory there, but didn't remember what it was. Renee Ogden is now the owner of Cook's Garden, and Sheperd Ogden is now at Hortulus Farm Nursery (http://www.hortulusfarm.com/). I'm sure there's more of a story there.

In the meantime, I was just surprisingly disappointed with the experience of purchasing from The Cook's Garden, I think mostly because I had very high expectations.


Thanks for the review, I too am a big fan of Black Seeded Simpson. I need to get to work on my garden and seed reviews, but I can say that I was impressed with a variety I bought from FEDCO, Les Orielles du Diable (Devil's Ears). Good germination, taste, and fun.

Keep up the reviews, I really appreciate your insights, especially as I am not so (ok at all!) scientific in my approach!


ps., thanks for the update on Dexter. You always kew he was a big-hearted dog! I hope he recovers from his cough and lives comfortably with you for many more years.


Thanks for the kind words about Dexter, and about my "scientific" approach. I'm not sure how scientific I've been - I'm just trying to get as much down here before it all leaks out of my brain! (Getting older is a bitch.)

On your recommendation (from a long ago comment) I got the FEDCO seed catalog - downloaded it from their website - and have already started poring over it. I will definitely have to try Devil's Ears next year.

Sissy Ziech

Have you grown or found Black Jack loose lettuce seeds? The Victory Garden recommended them, but I haven't found it anywhere!


Sissy - It looks like Johnny's Selected Seeds has Blackjack - just go to www.johnnyseeds.com and search "blackjack" (all one word). I highly recommend Johnny's as a seed source.

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