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November 22, 2006



Tracy, Thanks! I've added you to the list of those who've posted about The Essential Earthman. I've counted 9 bloggers so far who've contributed a post or two, but may have missed a few so need to check my notes.

By the way, I noticed on your list of books you have the Four-Season Harvest book. Would you recommend it?


Carol: I'm looking forward to reading all the Earthman blogs!

Yes, I recommend the Four-Season Harvest book if you are looking for coldframe and/or greenhouse ideas. Much of the book is devoted to this, which for me is something to dream about but not likely to happen in real life. Well, maybe a coldframe or two, but nothing on the scale that Coleman uses. It's really interesting to see what he's done, though, and to adapt a few of his techniques at home.


Well, a greenhouse isn't likely to happen for me, either, but perhaps a coldframe or two are in my future. I've put the book on my Christmas wish list. Thanks for the info.

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas)

I think that you've captured the essence of Henry Mitchell. I don't find any contradiction in his saying, first please yourself, then going on to tell us what pleases him. In fact, I'm always attracted to people with strong opinions if they understand that I don't need to be converted and if they can tell me why they formed their opinion. I like informed opinionated people. He is of that breed of people who teases and taunts you a bit so you'll push back, who challenges you so you can tell them something they haven't thought of.


M - Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the comment. I agree, I also like people with opinions, which is why I enjoy reading Mitchell so much. I feel there's no need to agree with him, and that he would like it better if we all pushed back, as you said.

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