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November 24, 2006



I like the picture of _ casting. The light is fantastic: it is lilac, and the figures are on the verge of becoming silhouettes. I wonder if the quality of that light is specific to that area of Minnesota? I don't recognize that light. I've come to recognize Calcutta light (quite distinctive), So Cal coastal light, and certain areas of MN light. In photos you can often recognize light. Also, Dexter's perked ears and the aimed snout are perfect.


The more I look at it the more I like it. There is a vanishing point on the far right: the rippling "bias" on the lake goes diagonal, pointing toward that vanishing point. The clouds angle down at it as well. The viewer knows Dex's nose is pointed toward it, and _'s eyes. The lure will plop there, more likely a bit short. The horizon is the is the the meeting point of the two opposed diagonals, and _'s eyes "look down" that horizon toward the point. (Are those two Starbuck cups in front of the tackle box?) Dex is avoiding sitting on the cold sand, even tolerating some dried weeds poking his bottom. My palm remembers the clamminess of that late autumn sand. The waves are not waves. they are barely lapping, the sound would be the softest of laps. Cool shot.


There are quite a few arcs in this shot. There is the arc of the distant shore, with the imagined continuations to the left and right crossing the imagined continuations of the arc of the near shore. There is the arc of the fishing line frozen as the shutter opened. There's the imagined arc of the lure's movement from the beginning of the cast to the barely audible plop. There's the calculus our brain uses to map the arc in our mind's eye, even those of us who never got past Algebra II. Did he backhand this cast? There's the arc _'s hand would have traveled. It's swoop seems to end right where it is at the time of the shutter open. I imagine his arm dropping fairly soon after the shot. Hey, can you print this for me?


Cricketann - I'm glad you like the picture - I'll send it to you as soon as I download it onto this computer.

I also like your comments because they make it seem as if I had the whole thing planned out. Of course, very little planning went into taking the shot. I had to get Dexter to sit, and there were a few pictures where he was looking the other direction. I just felt lucky I got it before the sun went completely down.

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