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October 12, 2006



Hi, I have been looking through your site. Very nice! If you grow those little watermelons there, I should be able to to grow them in Maine.

Hope the snow stays away from here, actually, today was not bad, we had clouds in the afternoon, and it is around 57 at 5:30.


Snow! YIKES -- Yep, it is way too early. Here in midcoast Maine we've had a long slow cooldown, with our first hard frost very late, October 7, and a we awoke to a hard freeze (frozen puddles/dog water bowl) Saturday morning 10/14. But snow! Nope, I'm not ready for that.



Greetings! I found you through your comments at Garden Rant. Your snow looks lovely - I can't wait to see some in my neck of the woods!

Say, are you familiar with the Festival of the Trees blog carnivale? You have some really lovely posts and images (I love the fairy ring), and I was thinking you might want to join in. The Festival of the Trees runs on the first of every month. You can learn more about it and how to submit here (if you're interested):

The Festival of the Trees

Enjoy your flurries,

Takoma Gardener

Hi and thanks for commenting over on the Rant. This is my first visit to your blog and while I haven't sat down to give it a good read yet, I can say it's gorgeous! And I DO like a good-looking site. Susan


Welcome everyone! Thanks for all your posts.

Sandy: You should be able to grow the mini-watermelons. I got the seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds, which as you know is in Maine. I figure if something can grow in Maine, it should make it in Minnesota.

Ali: We actually got our first frost, freeze and snow all on the same day. Until then, we had escaped even a light frost. Oh well, the garden needs to be put to bed at some point.

JLB: Thanks for the heads-up on the Festival of Trees. Now that winter is approaching and garden-related posts are harder to come by, I think turning to trees may be a good idea. And we definitely have trees in our yard.

Susan: Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words - I'm blushing now. I've been reading your blog and Garden Rant all summer and have been enjoying the ride.

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