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October 17, 2006



It is a vexing problem -- what to do? Even though our local CSA goes through the winter, I'm already tired of turnip and kale.

Check out Eliot Coleman's book Four Season Harvest, or his website, http://www.fourseasonfarm.com/

I'm not there yet, but maybe we can convince others to join the cause and support our local farmers who are willing to try his method?


I agree, buying locally produced food is higher on my list of priorities than organic is. And we in Minnesota do face the problem of fresh, local food in winter. I have read and do recommend Coleman's Four Season Harvest, and have experimented with growing greens under cover through the winter. However, I think I will need to invest in a large greenhouse before I can really make anything work. I think the CSA movement is catching on more and more the area; hopefully demand will fuel even more growth. The thought of bigger, more industrialized food production scares me!


You have the option, at least, of driving ten miles to find locally produced organic food. And you have CSAs aplenty. Not everyone could claim as much, or even claim that people around you even know what a food co-op or CSA is. I don't particularly miss Minnesota weather, but I do miss Linden Hills Co-op. As it is now, I have to drive 2 hours, to Chicago, to find a store that offered the things the typical Twin Cities food co-op offers. So count yourself lucky, and make that drive.

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