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August 28, 2006



I'm a big fan of Johnny's (and not just because we're both Mainers!). Johnny's cultural instructions are so good that I've even cut some info from the print catalog and laminated it for planting-time reference. two other seed companies I really like are Fedco Seeds and Pine Tree Garden Seeds. The Fedco catalog is riveting reading, really, and if you are politically liberal-leaning, hilarious. The descriptions and background information on plants is top-notch. Pine Tree offers good seeds, interesting varieties, and smaller packages of seed with prices to match. Really, do you NEED 25 tomato seeds of the 6 varieties you plant? Links can be found on my blog.


I am with hubby, beans, no peas. Shelling peas? Sounds like a lot of work.

Thanks for the recent comments at my blog. It's appreciated. I have added your blog to my blog roll.


Thanks, Trey, for adding me to your blogroll.


Ali: This was my first year ordering seeds from catalogs - in the past I've bought them at the local garden center - so it was interesting to see how each company packaged and described their product. Johnny's was by far the best. I didn't order a lot from them because they were more expensive than most, but after learning more about their company from their newsletter, I know I will continue buying from them. I will definitely need to check out Fedco and Pine Tree Seeds next year.

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