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August 11, 2006



Don't you hate the seed mix-ups? Still it could be worse --my Lemon Lights azalea bush looks more like a navel orange!

I hope your tomatoes recover. I just came in from picking off tomato hornworms. Surely this demonstrates my garden obsession, because those bugs are disgusting!

Welcome home!



This is the first time I've had a seed mix-up like this, and it's disappointing. Although not as bad as an orange azalea! I've seen Lemon Lights in person, and the yellow is very pretty. I hope you were able to get a refund - or a replacement.

The tomatoes aren't going to recover, unfortunately. The containers were a first-time experiment this year, and I've learned a very important lesson - drill in drainage holes, plug them up, and then drain when necessary!

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