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July 25, 2006



One year I had a problem with these hogging the hummer feeders. I don't think they could get any of the syrup, but they were going to be damned if they let the hummers get any either.

Thankfully, this seemed to be a one-year phemomenon, and I've not seen them doing that at all since.

Otherwise, these wasps are very good about going about their business and staying out of mine. Good neighbors!

Although I'm not sure I'd be terribly sanguine about that nest over the drive. *shudders*


I got too close to a hornet's nest once, and one of the little fellows let me know about it with a sharp sting to my back (through my sweat-soaked) shirt. The next was on a branch that had fallen from the tree, so it was on the ground. I suppose the hornets were already upset enuf about that. When I returned to the site two weeks later, the nest was gone altogether.


Makes my encounter with little yellow jacket nests look tame, by comparison


Jenn: We had a problem with paper wasps and the hummingbird feeder one year, too. It's frustrating, because there's not much you can do about it.

Pablo: Ouch! Luckily, in the seven years since we've lived in our suburban woods, I have yet to be stung (knock on wood). However, just this weekend my husband was stung on the ear by a yellow jacket. We found the nest in a rock wall just next to the house and the grill. Since yellow jackets will sting for no reason, we decided to get rid of it last night with some strong wasp spray. Hopefullly this will take care of it!

Interestingly, the hornets abandon the nests after just one summer, and the "paper" is used by birds for nest building the following spring.

Carol: Any encounter with a wasp/hornets nest is NOT tame! That's why I leave them all up to my husband. :)


Yes, they are mean and nasty, but that nest is gorgeous! You should save it and use it as the head on a scarecrow nxt year -- maybe that will keep the deer, bunnies, etc. away!



Ali: That's an excellent idea - anything to keep the critters out of the garden. And I'm sure the neighbor won't mind!

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