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July 18, 2006


Calendula & Concrete

Beautiful harvest! This was the first year I grew my own potatoes and I was amazed at how buttery good they tasted -- so much better than the store-bought kind. Those green beans look fabulous!



Thanks for visiting my blog! Homegrown potatoes are something else, aren't they? I grew them last year, but just "ordinary" varieties that you would buy in the store. This year I went all-out with heirlooms from Seed Savers, and they're great.

Karmyn R

I love the first picking of beans - just did that this morning! But no tomatos yet - you are lucky!!!

Just stumbled across you today surfing around....

come stop by and check out my Garden Game if you get a chance!


Nice artist touch to your plating of the garden harvest. Bon Appetit.



Karmyn & Peggy: Thanks for visiting my blog and making such nice comments!

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