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June 27, 2006



Yum, that looks delicious! My husband has been saying we should buy some local berries and make jam. I made my first jelly last year, 21 jars of crabapple from trees on the old farmstead across the creek. It was good, and so easy!


Deb: You should go for it. Jams are even easier than jelly - no straining required. Just cut, cook and can.

I envy you the crabapple jelly - I love it, and you can't buy it anywhere. My mom made it every year with the fruit from our backyard tree. I just wish I could find a neighborhood tree with the big crabapples. Nowadays, everyone plants the cultivars with small everlasting fruit. They don't make a mess and they feed the birds, but you can't make jelly with the fruit.


Wow, those look sooo tasty! Is canning something you can teach yourself? My grandmother spent more time in the golf course then in the kitchen.


It's really easy. One of the books I have, Preserving Summer's Bounty from Rodale Press, gives very good instructions on how to do it. Plus, they have some very tasty recipes!


Nice blog you have here! Just found it through Deb's site. I want to get canning someday this year; a new skill for me, ack!

Looks like you have some good produce!!


Gina: Thanks for stoping by. Go for it with the canning - it's actually really simple, especially once you get a rhythm going.

do you happen to know where a person could buy canned crabapples? I had a source in California, but they are not going to have them this year. Please respond to:
[email protected]


Brian: I don't think I've ever seen canned crabapples. I'll let you know if I do.

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