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May 08, 2006



Can lilacs be preserved in any way? Whether by drying, pressing, or...? I miss lilacs.


Your tomatoes look great! I started to repot my Hungarian Hearts yesterday. The rest of my "babies" will have to wait for the weekend. Jealous, the unpotted heiloom tomatoes trash talk their neighbors. "Nice pot, Hearty-pants. Me and the peppers, all we got is another serving of compost tea."

I can't wait to see those birdhouse gourds!


Cricket - I don't know if you could preserve lilacs. If you could, I don't think the fragrance would survive. That's too bad - I could send a Minnesota spring to your California desert.


Greengirl: I'm looking forward to the birdhouse gourds, too. It seems as if Minnesota might have a bit of a short season for them, but I started them early and will hope for a mild fall.

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