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April 26, 2006



Thanks for visiting my blog, I've returned the favor, and enjoyed the visit. I suspect we do share some zone issues, although your lot is lovely and wooded, while my property is more typical of rural village. I love the idea of listing the varieties you are trying in the garden this year, what a good idea! Must do that on my blog.

Blogging is turning out to be surprisingly addictive, and an interesting way to produce space for we the gardeners to gather and share knowledge, resources, skills, needs and together create community and gardens. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, Ali. There are many times when I would give up "lovely and wooded" for a nice, open, "rural village" lot! I have sun, but just enough, and I spend a lot of time sizing up the neighbors' trees to see if cutting off a branch here or there would give me a few more minutes of sun.

And I agree, blogging is addictive. I've found myself drawn to English allotment blogs - I've linked to a few on my page. And I definitely plan to live vicariously through your blog as your chicks grow!

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